Our Clients

cartoon face gridLots of companies would rather talk about themselves and share details about how great they are, but here at A&G Supply Ltd. we have learned that our business revolves around our customers, which is why we have dedicated this page to you!

We have learned that our customers needs are what matter most, and we are only truly successful when we can fulfill these needs.

We understand that you have objectives and challenges that require support and consultation. Some common challenges that are dealt with on a daily basis include:

  • Budget cuts and improving efficiencies
  • Resistance to change and new ways of cleaning
  • Too many products and too many people ordering supplies
  • Cleaning standards not defined or met
  • Leaking and broken dispensers
  • Stained laundry and dirty dishes going out to customers

So, how will working with A&G Supply Ltd. help you to meet, and surpass your company objectives? We help you with ...

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Increasing cleaning standards

money down arrow

Achieving total lowest cost

happy face

Improving the look and feel for your customer’s experience


Going Green and Reducing your environmental footprint

fan blade

Improving indoor air quality


Improving health

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Improving safety

cleaning supplies

Reducing the number of chemicals you use to clean

We would love the opportunity to meet with you and have a conversation to learn more about your business. Click to contact A&G Supply Ltd.