What We Do

A&G Supply Ltd. has been proudly serving clients in Southern British Columbia for over 25 years. Our goal is to enhance your overall image so that your building occupants and customers have the best possible experience. octo cleaning guy Clean air, clean dishes, clean floors, clean linens and a safe environment is just the beginning…

Our Mission is to provide our customers with quality sanitation products and ongoing recommendations to improve building safety, employee productivity, and enhance facility image.

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How can A&G Supply Ltd. help you provide better cleaning solutions?

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A&G quality starts with a world class selection of cleaning solutions that integrate with any of your industry needs.

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We are proud to offer world class customer service that provides ongoing recommendations to help you in any situation.

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While always keeping your building safety and customers well-being at top of mind.

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... and never forgetting about your bottom line and the success of your employees.

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All while maintaining the goal of giving you and your company that noticeable step up on your competitors.

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Our goal is to help our clients achieve lowest total cost.