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Welcome to A&G Supply

Proudly serving you for over 25 years

For over 25 years, A&G Supply has been providing customers throughout southern British Columbia with quality sanitation products and ongoing recommendations to enhance building safety, employee productivity, and facility image. We’re here to assist you in delivering the best possible experience to your customers, employees, and occupants while still achieving the lowest possible total cost. Our extensive product line covers all your sanitation needs, and is always expanding to serve you better!

Product Catalog

A&G Supply Works with Clients to:

Keep Staff Healthy

We’ve all seen it happen: One employee catches a virus. Another follows suit. And soon that one bug has affected everyone in the office, sidetracking important projects along the way. In today’s marketplace, employee health is inextricably tied to deadlines, budgets, and effective project execution; Sick days equal lost time and decreased productivity. Fortunately, employers do have a powerful tool to prevent the spread of germs in a workplace: Superior cleaning equipment and supplies. If you’re seeking ways to keep your workforce healthy, check out our extensive catalogue of workplace cleaning products!

Keep Staff Safe

A spilled soda near the garbage bin, a box of envelopes left on the stairs, slush and snow tracked in from the parking lot - all everyday causes of the kinds of slips and falls that can lead to serious injuries and claims. Across Canada, slip and fall incidents are on the rise, costing employers significant amounts of time and money to resolve. While you can’t stop puddles from appearing, you can help prevent slips and falls with the right cleaning equipment and an effective hazard and spill response plan. A&G is pleased to assist our customers in creating cleaning programs that enhance facility safety. Read here to learn more!

Keep Customers Happy

At A&G Supply, we work to enhance your image. People entering your property should see the best, brightest, and cleanest representation of everything your business has to offer. Guests should enter your pool eager to dive into cool, crisp water without ever giving a though to the chemicals or cleaning supplies used to keep it sparkling clean. Help your guests make memories that last a lifetime by providing your janitorial staff with the best pool chemicals and cleaning supplies on the market today.